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Pure Carrot Age Defying Flawless Facial Brightening Cream

Pure Carrot Age-Defying Face Cream Slow down premature ageing and hydrates to renew skin’s appearance of wrinkles instantly.

Pure Carrot flawless surge facial cream

Pure carrot bio balancing face cream with toner. Kojic acid plus carrot oil extract Face and neck. To keep your

Pure Carrot Kojic Balance Whitening Care with Carrot Oil 450ml

This lotion is made to provide a comprehensive nourishing and whitening care for all skin types.

Pure Carrot Lightening Serum

Moisturize Dry Skin, Leaving It Soft and Silky with a Radiant, Tones and Healthy Glow.

Pure Carrot Whitening Care Carrot Oil Base

This body lotion contains active ingredients which helps to regulate sebum excretion and lighten the complexion. The soothing effect will leave your skin looking healthier , visibly clearer.